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Hi there! My name is Katie Ryan. I graduated from Penn State with a bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Counseling. My love for fitness began at a very young age while running with my dad, playing with two older brothers who made competition fun, exploring outdoors, and playing on various sport teams. In high school, I started focusing on lacrosse and continued playing in college. Being part of a team was one of my most valuable life experiences growing up and in my adult years I have sought out ways to continue exercising in group and team environments. Over the past 5 years I have completed a marathon, several half marathons, a few triathlons, CrossFit competitions, along with other races both individually and on teams. Fitness and sports have always been a positive asset in my life and now that I am a mom, I get to help my daughter, Caroline, develop the same passion for fitness!

Fit Mommy Charleston has been such a wonderful blessing in my life that incorporates two of my greatest passions – my children and fitness. It is the perfect environment to expose and teach your children about the fun and healthful benefits of exercise. In addition to benefiting Caroline – it provides me a wonderful team of moms to help me stay accountable to reaching my goals. This group came alongside of me as I navigated motherhood for the first time and there is truly endless value in that. Sharing my love for fitness by motivating and encouraging fellow moms and moms-to-be has been such a joy and privilege! I would love to help you reach your health and fitness goals at Fit Mommy Charleston!

Katie Ryan